Moonshine: An Eldritch Tale

Book 1 in the Eldritch Tale Series

Moonshine, the captivating debut from Robin Trent, is a fantastical new vision of the Sidhe, where redcaps rebel and brownies are reluctant messengers, at a crossroads that will determine the fate of faeries and humans alike. Elizabeth Merkova has always had the Sight. But after her mother forced alienists on her, she learned to keep quiet about the faerie. Now married and a new mother of twin girls, she’s finally found happiness and doesn’t make much of the faeries that occasionally catch her eye. But even though she’s chosen to overlook them, the faeries are never far away. When Elizabeth’s infant daughter is abducted and a changeling is left in her place, she’s forced to reconsider her connection to the fae. And while she could never imagine the prophecies at the center of her child’s abduction or the faerie’s epic battle for dominance, she’s determined to get her daughter back before it’s too late. In Rhys Bryhana, Elizabeth has an unlikely champion. A Sidhe warrior whose family was murdered by humans, he’s been bitter and broken for centuries. But as his path collides with Elizabeth’s, he’s one of the few who knows enough about the Sidhe queens and the prophecies to help Elizabeth save her daughter. As Elizabeth’s search reveals the crumbling boundary between humans and faeries, a war ignites between otherworldly forces. With the old ways no longer sacred, alliances will falter, treachery will flourish, and all of Sidhe could be undone by the faerie prophecies. . . First in a new series! Stay tuned for the next book in the Eldritch Tale series.


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