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Excerpt From Moonshine

The house sat on the southern outskirts of Kendal in Cumberland, in the northern part of England. The rolling countryside was made up of long slopes of green fields and woods of…

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Self vs. Traditional Publishing

To publish the traditional route or to self-publish? This is actually a difficult and sometimes thorny question for some writers. Why? If your don’t know what each of them does for you, it’s hard to make that decision. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. I am going to discuss both and explain why I… Read More ›

A Place For The Imagination

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. I’m a software developer. So, I want this site to be as attractive as I can make it and I hope you enjoy it. But I’m not just a software developer, that’s my day job. I am also an author, so I want this to… Read More ›

On Keeping a Notebook

Besides all my numerous electronic writing tools, I have a notebook. I have found that sometimes, a notebook is great, especially if you are going somewhere where there is limited connectivity. But also, because writing by hand fires different neurons. What I mean by that, is that sometimes by switching writing methods (electronic vs manual)… Read More ›

Shadow Man

By Robin Trent There’s a ghost of a man Who lives in my soul A man that doesn’t exist anymore Hardened by years of pain and regret  With emotionless eyes dull and lifeless  Each swell of love met with grief For a lover who cannot be redeemed.  Wisps of memory frozen in time Vague promises… Read More ›


I had an experience. The experience showed me reality. And as I moved towards reality, I saw the illusion of this existence. What we worry about, it has no meaning. What we progress towards, we progress toward nothing. There is nothing to do, to be. There is only existence. Liberating, yet confusing, I gave up…. Read More ›

How To Self-Publish

Many wonder where to begin with self-publishing. I am going to take you through the steps that I took and the order that I did them in. This may or may not be how others do it, but this is my experience. THE EDITOR After writing your manuscript and at least running it through a… Read More ›

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