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Interview With Feed My Reads

I had my first interview as an author on Feed My Reads. Here is an excerpt.

A little Introduction

I love books. You could plop me down in the middle of a bookstore and I would be content for hours. I love a new book, the crisp pages and the smell of ink wafting from them; the promise of possibilities. I’ve been reading all my life and it was this love of reading that prompted me to want to become an author. That and the fact that I have always done art in some form and I really came to appreciate the fact that art makes me feel whole. When I finish a project I have a sense of completeness I can get nowhere else.

I chose software development as a career when I was young and I was told to be realistic about my career choices. Even though, as a child, I was into all kinds of art forms from drawing, to wood burning, to sand painting, you would think it would have been obvious that I was a right-brained individual. But art, in any form, was not a way to make a living, or so I was told. And as happens to many people who reach their forties and realize that they chose this career path before they even knew themselves, I decided I wanted to pursue writing and live my creative life. I chose fantasy as my genre, because everything that I want to read or see, whether it’s movies or books, is fantasy. I get excited for anything that has a vampire, witch, magic, wizard, faery, werewolf, ghost, etc. and that leaves me open to write a whole slew of books. If I had to pick one, I would say a ghost story is my favorite. I really want to write my version of a ghost story and someday I will. I write for myself first because if I don’t enjoy it, why should my reader? My influences would be Stephen King, Anne Rice and Kurt Vonnegut. I read every one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books when I was sixteen.

You can find the full interview here if you would like to check it out.

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