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I had an experience.

The experience showed me reality.

And as I moved towards reality, I saw the illusion of this existence.

What we worry about, it has no meaning.

What we progress towards, we progress toward nothing.

There is nothing to do, to be. There is only existence.

Liberating, yet confusing, I gave up.

And I faltered and I slowed, and I quit struggling.

And I chastised myself for the stillness.

I quit trying to evolve, I quit performing ritual.

I had an experience.

An experience of such profundity

That it harnessed my soul.

and made it immovable.

I chastised myself for my folly.

I beat my chest in consternation for my lack of movement.

I knew I needed to progress, to move on and yet I remained still.

Many years passed.

Many opportunities passed.

And still I remained immovable.

And still I chastised myself.


One day I finally finished processing the experience.

And then I moved.

And with that movement, I had a realization.

The folly was my judgment.

For one cannot know the process while in the midst of it.

And one cannot move the immovable,

when there is a reason for the stillness

and the progress is silent and unseen.

I had an experience.

I had an awakening.

And now I move.

And now I make my own reality.

And now I choose my fate.

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