Shadow Man

By Robin Trent

There’s a ghost of a man

Who lives in my soul

A man that doesn’t exist anymore

Hardened by years of pain and regret 

With emotionless eyes dull and lifeless 

Each swell of love met with grief

For a lover who cannot be redeemed.

Wisps of memory frozen in time

Vague promises of a love long forgotten

And a cruelty that rules in its stead.

Closed heart meets closed fist

Raised against the morning light 

And tears that will not be shed.

A mockery of injustice 

A mind that no longer comprehends

A soft touch, a warm gaze, a gentle kiss.

Distrust like barbed wire

Constricts the heart and

Fires the soul to destruction.

Fear leads to desolation 

Solitude a welcome respite

Safety in ONEness

Tormented by a ghost that 

Haunts my nightmares

And only leaves upon awakening. 

Categories: Poetry

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